Food. I love food.

So,  these are my first word in english in my food blog. It strikes me that I am a bit nervous, I have been writing, erased and strated again. I have been blogging about food for the last five years, but in swedish. Its a bit funny, this nervousness about the language since I spend most of my time as a PhD student writing and reading in english. I guess the big difference is that in my work, its all about facts and theory, and food, it all about emotions. The idea of starting a food blogg was born on a bumpy road in Tuscany about six year ago. My fiancé Peter and I was driving around Italy for a couple of weeks and we were both totally in love with the landscape, food and the geneorus people we met. We had some wonderful dinners at resaturants but also at small campings, by the side of the road and on the many food markets we visited. One of my greates memories from those hot days on the road in Tuscany were one of the little market stands by the road where they sold enormous water mellons and red unions that had just been harvested. The water melon tasted like no other water melon I've had before, the taste was so concentrated and sweet. In Florence I hade the most wonderful bean soup that at a first glance didn't look to fancy, but the flavours that was hidden in there after many hours of boiling... I don't think I have enough english words to describe them...Rosemary, garlic, unions, thyme... When we got back home, I started my food blog Trattoria, where I put pictures, memories and recepies, to create my own digital cook book and then I was hooked. The readers started to show up, I got many new friends, some of them I have never met IRL and some of them I meet to eat and share thoughts about food. The funny thing about the blogging thing is that when I start so sum up all those people I have met through the blog, I get both happy and scared. Happy, because they bring so much joy into my neardy foodblogger life, and scared, becasue if I never started the blog, I would never have met them. I wouldn't want to be without them for a second or this wonderful digital world filled with food lovers that love to share and communicate. Since that first trip Peter and I have been travelling a lot in Europe and we go to Italy every year. At the time of writing I am sitting in a wonderful studio in Biarritz, my hair and skin is all salty by the water and I still have som sand inbetween my toes. We are staying for a couple of days and then we are off to Italy. Guess what I'm gonna eat in Florence? Yes, the bean soup!

So what about my food? It's simple. I love simple food. Like the Italian kind of food. Good ingredients, lots of love. Give me some olive oil, bread and tomatoes and I am happy. Food for me is much more then eating. Its about enjoying the cooking, sitting around the table with people, talking and laughing. I love that. I will not preach about what you should eat. I eat meat, I eat fish, I eat vegetables, I eat sugar and white flour and breat, bread people, I love bread! I would never ever say no to a dessert and I probably eat way to much brownies during the weekend. 



So, a little about me, I'm 34 years old, living on an Island on the Swedish west coast, in a tiny fishing village (we are about 300 people living there) with my sweetheart Peter and our 13 year old Alaskan Huskey-Vorsteh Akilles whos nose you will se in plenty of pictures. I'm a PhD student, doing research about social media marketing and organizational learning and I focus on hotels around Europe.  In 2013 I released my cook book, Karins Kök (Karins Kitchen) and in 2015 I won the "best foodblog of the year"- award in Sweden. Having met a lot of friends from all over the world, it feels like it is time to take the next step and start to write in english as well. So welcome, I hope you will enjoy! And don't forget to say hi so that I can get to know you as well!



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